Insider internet dating does it work

06-Jan-2017 23:44

Calling apps like Tinder and websites like Ok Cupid "dating sites" is somewhat of a misnomer, Fisher said.

"The bottom line is these are not dating sites," Fisher said.

It makes sense that you'd want to post only the best photos on your dating profile. Read on for her tips and learn how to best represent yourself through online dating photos.

We're all guilty of editing and filtering and editing and filtering and editing again.

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It definitely isn't a totally realistic photo of me.This photo of Tech Insider deputy tech editor Steve Kovach is great and could definitely be included on his profile.

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At some point in your life, you may have heard the term “daddy issues” used in a certain context. In modern culture, the Electra Complex manifests as a woman’s tendency to seek attention from men in order to compensate for the lack of her father’s attention.… continue reading »

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There were redundancy problems at work; my marriage was showing strains; and there was something large and unnameable missing from my life.… continue reading »

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